Applying Classroom Rules and Procedures Using Positive and Negative Reinforcement TeachNow Unit 4 Module 5 Activity 1

  Using Positive and Negative Reinforcement in the Classroom When and how I will give positive reinforcement to students who are following the rules and procedures? I like to give as much meaningful positive reinforcement as possible since I think that this can effect how students perceive their own abilities and understanding. As a result,... Continue Reading →

Reflection on High Expectations and Their Impact on PISA and TIMMS Scores in Japan TeachNow Module 4 Unit 3 Activity 3

  High Academic Expectations Resources from the TeachNow module 4 unit 3 activities 1-2  showed that high academic standards led to more student success. High academic standards are usually communicated to students both through curriculum standards which teachers use to plan their classes and the teacher’s own expectations of their class. High academic curriculum standards might include things like... Continue Reading →

Setting High Academic Expectations and Strategies for Low Performing Students TeachNow Module 4 Unit 3 Activity 1

For this activity, we used an app called Flipsnack. It was a very effective tool, but once in a while the formatting would be difficult. You can layer shapes under text which is really nice. But there is no voice component to the app. However, it gave me a really cute interactive booklet.  

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