Peer Review Assessment and Summary Reflection: TeachNow Module 5 Unit 1 Activity 3

Formative Assessments Formative assessments can seem really daunting since most people think of testing when they consider formative assessments. But through discussions with my cohort, creating the assignments for activity 1, receiving feedback from my peers, and looking at additional resources- I’ve concluded that assessments should always be multi-faceted with multiple skills being targeted at... Continue Reading →

Using Assessment to Enhance Student-Centered Learning Module 3 Unit 3 Activity 2 with a partner

I produced this page in our group wiki page with one other person. It focus on using assessment to enhance student-centered learning. How can you implement assessment so that it enhances student-centered learning? First, what's the difference between assessment and evaluation strategies? Assessment is the gathering of data about students’ performances like class activities, teachers... Continue Reading →

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