Applying Classroom Rules and Procedures Using Positive and Negative Reinforcement TeachNow Unit 4 Module 5 Activity 1

  Using Positive and Negative Reinforcement in the Classroom When and how I will give positive reinforcement to students who are following the rules and procedures? I like to give as much meaningful positive reinforcement as possible since I think that this can effect how students perceive their own abilities and understanding. As a result,... Continue Reading →

Setting High Academic Expectations and Strategies for Low Performing Students TeachNow Module 4 Unit 3 Activity 1

For this activity, we used an app called Flipsnack. It was a very effective tool, but once in a while the formatting would be difficult. You can layer shapes under text which is really nice. But there is no voice component to the app. However, it gave me a really cute interactive booklet.  

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