Being Kind- A 365 Day Challenge-Day 1

As part of my gratitude project, I am also attempting to complete a kindness challenge. Now, some of these might seem like things any decent person would do. However, I’m trying to be more mindful regarding my kindness. So, I’ve included little things like saying please and thank you. If you have any suggestions on how to be kinder, let me know.

Accomplishment 1: Today, I wrote letters to a couple of my closest friends who bless their hearts never complain that I take months to email back. When I finished, I felt so happy. This isn’t a fully selfless act. This type of karma comes back to you because when you reach out to others they’ll reach out to you.

Accomplishment 2: I played a charity game up to level forty today. While I think the own of the website makes a profit. I think the concept of using banners on the website to help generate money to give to the pour is really wonderful. The website is here:

If you’re still worked about it being a legit site. Check out these reviews.


Accomplishment 3:

I took the time to register at Second Harvest Japan. This is a wonderful charity that provides meals and food goods to the poor. They have events every weekend and can be seen running a soup kitchen in Ueno every week. I’m glad I started this challenge because I’ve been looking for a way to volunteer. But they also accept food donations.

Accomplishment 4:

Finally, I made sure when I was out and ordering to smile at restaurant staff and say please and thank you.  This seems like a small thing. And I try to always do this. But the whole point of this challenge is to be more mindful than average. So, I want to carefully check that I’m being kind at every opportunity.


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