Day 3: 365 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Oh my, I have some things to be grateful for today. While this post will be shorter, it’s just because life is life. And sometimes life is busy.

It’s interesting to note that while today might ordinarily be a very hard day, I actually feel happy still. And I wonder how much of that is influenced by this challenge.

1. I’m grateful that I always have paid and kept my health insurance in Japan.

Last month, I kicked up a stink because my insurance premiums raised. But I still paid it. Thank goodness because I have an ear infection this month.

…A very painful but treatable ear infection with health insurance.

I’m so grateful I already had health insurance to help out.

2. I’m grateful that my job allows me to be creative.

I really enjoyed planning my lessons today. And I’m super grateful for it. I remember being at a job I hate, and I don’t hate this job. I love it.

When you work a job you hate everyday is hard. When you work a job you love, it’s hard but not that hard.

3. I’m grateful to get enough sleep tonight. 

I didn’t plan anything tonight. I didn’t plan anything tonight! Oh thank goodness, I didn’t plan anything tonight.

After being up more than 24 hours due to above mentioned ear infection, I’m feeling the burn. I’m grateful I had zero extra plans tonight because I’m going to gratefully collapse.

Side note: This was my only free night this week. Talk about lucky!

4. I’m grateful that I have medicine to help me feel better.

How did people deal with this before antibiotics? Also how awful is it if you can’t go to an ear doctor? Swimmer’s ear is hard; but at least, I have ready access to antibiotics. And those antibiotics still work.
5. I’m grateful that I started this challenge.

Today had a lot of ups and down, but when I sat back down and thought about my life. I felt happy again. I guess being grateful puts everything else into perspective.  Today was still a good day even with all the trials.



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