Day 5: 365 Days of Gratitude Challenge

It’s the middle of the week and day 5 of my 365 days of gratitude challenge. I think this whole process is already producing interesting results. Naturally a bit anxious, I’ve been more able to shrug off failures since starting this challenge.

I guess it’s true. If you think about all the wonderful things in your life, it’s more difficult to obsess over your failures. But that’s enough rambling, let’s move on.

1. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from others.

Today, I changed a lesson plan that I was going to do. While lesson planning is important, I think being a good teacher means adapting to the situation when necessary. One of the teachers let me know about a software that I didn’t know about yet.

While pressed for time, my planning for the other two periods of the day made it easy to spend my break changing that portion of the lesson. And my students had a wonderful time. It was really wonderful watching them enjoy the repetitive drill of typing.

I’m grateful that my coworker said something, and that I took the time to listen.

2. I’m grateful to find wonderful comedy in Tokyo.

I occasionally go to this bar called Good Heavens. It’s really great, and if you speak English, I really recommend it. While the host never remembers my name, the comedy is great. I really love watching up and coming comedians, and for the price of 1,500 yen, the deal is pretty fabulous particularly since you get a drink with it.

Certain months there are roast battles which are always really fabulous, and the club regularly brings in international comedians. It’s been a wonderful find. And I’m grateful that I found it last year. It brings so much job to so many people’s lives.

3. I’m grateful that I’ve become brave enough to do things solo.

When I was younger and even now during work events, I hate to appear scared and alone. There’s just something about appearing to be friendless that really makes you feel stupid in front of other people. Truthfully though, there’s something sad about not doing anything because you’re scared of looking like a loser. Instead, I now do things alone like going to the Comedy Club tonight because I want to enjoy my life- not spend it entirely on Youtube.

4. I’m grateful to have good health.

When I went down with an ear infection at the beginning of the week, I was reminded again of how much I struggle when I feel bad. It must be really hard to exist with chronic pain all the time. I’m really grateful that I usually have good health which can allow me to keep a more positive mindset.

5. I’m grateful to be writing again.

This challenge is really helping me write again. I feel so refreshed every time I finish one of these articles. Instead of constantly working on a book, I’m able to feel satisfied upon completion of a short article. This in turn inspires me to write more, so my book is coming along much better.

Anyway, these were my five things today that I was the most grateful for. Let me know what make you feel grateful. 


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