Day 2: Journal Entry: Would you want to be famous?

This is my experiment in writing in both English and Japanese. I want to both better understand my students and be able to express myself to my boyfriend who only speaks Japanese. It’s difficult to communicate on higher level subjects. But I’m committed to working on it.

Question 2: Would you like to famous? In what way?

Date: December 3, 2018

The short answer is no.

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Are you ready for the long answer, now?

I think some people crave fame. It’s external validation, and it can make you feel really powerful. I mean can you imagine all those people knowing your name and not just that having to see your name everyday- even rivals?

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But that’s also the crux of why I wouldn’t want fame. In this question, the type of fame isn’t defined.

It’s not necessarily the good type of fame. You know, the one filled success and accolades. You can be broke and still be famous- just look at Gary Coleman.

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But let’s say it was the good type of fame. You know, devil’s advocate and all that.

Well, it’s a little trickier, but my answer remains a no.

The thing about fame is that it seems to come in waves. It’s very difficult to remain famous for an extended period of time. Because the future is so unpredictable.

And good feelings are addictive. Our moods are always in a constant state of flux. But one thing is terribly, awfully consistent. What comes up, must come back down.

The emotional rollercoaster seems rather scary.

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But wait! You might be thinking something along the lines of Nichole you’re blogging this answer. You hypocrite!

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But that’s the thing. If I was doing this in a diary instead of a blog, I would probably give up after one day. But because the influence of the blogging community is so strong. I feel fired up and ready to go!

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So, everyone thank you so much!

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What about you, do you want to be famous? And in what way? Feel free to correct my Japanese below.


二つの質問: 名声になりたい?どんな名声が欲しい?

年月日: 12330


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良く名声かも知らない。みんながわかったね、奏功名声が欲しいね。でもあなたはお金がなくて名声がある。例えば、Gary Colemanだ。

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でも、ブログが便利ね。ブログがないだら一日後でああ、書くのが大変だからやめると思う。 でもブログの社会が強い影響。いろいろ人が書いてだから私も気合を入れる!

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