Day 5: 365 Days of Gratitude Challenge

It’s the middle of the week and day 5 of my 365 days of gratitude challenge. I think this whole process is already producing interesting results. Naturally a bit anxious, I’ve been more able to shrug off failures since starting this challenge. I guess it’s true. If you think about all the wonderful things in... Continue Reading →

Day 4: 365 Days of Gratitude

Tuesday. It's a weird part of the week- far from Friday but without the excitement of Monday. But oddly enough, my Tuesdays have always been the most social of times. Something about my energy is good for connecting with others on Tuesdays. To the point, that I sometimes prefer to have first dates on Tuesdays.... Continue Reading →

Being Kind- A 365 Day Challenge-Day 1

As part of my gratitude project, I am also attempting to complete a kindness challenge. Now, some of these might seem like things any decent person would do. However, I'm trying to be more mindful regarding my kindness. So, I've included little things like saying please and thank you. If you have any suggestions on... Continue Reading →

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